“Drawing our witnesses’ names out of a hat on the day was a fun way to bring everyone into the moment and do something a little bit different.”

With Toni being a florist in the wedding industry, this ceremony was always going to be a little different. Toni and Ben had an early evening ceremony in a laneway bar in central city Napier. It was a warm and welcoming space for the couple’s ceremony and reception. With flowing florals, bespoke cocktails and street food, this was an intimate urban wedding perfectly matched to their personal style. One of Toni’s favourite moments of the day was revealing who their witnesses would be, “When Nichola suggested we draw names from a hat, we knew this would add something extra special to the ceremony. Everyone cheered when my dear friend Erin and Ben’s Granddad Tiny came up to join us, and it took the spotlight off us for a moment too – allowing us to breathe!"

Shelly + Braid

“The best moment was when we played Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who would read their vows first!”

It’s not unusual to be nervous going in to your wedding day. In fact, it’s pretty common to be pretty worried. Shelly and Braid found a unique way to cut through the nerves that also added some intrigue to their ceremony. “When we discussed with Nichola how we were feeling leading up to our big day she had some amazing ideas on how to settle our nerves. Playing a simple game before we read our vows was hilarious! We were laughing, all our family and friends loved it and we suddenly felt relaxed and ready to enjoy every moment.” Shelly and Braid planned the whole wedding from Switzerland where they were living, liaising with me over Skype and email to put all their plans in place.


“‘Because we love the shit out of each other’ was one of the best lines of the day!”

Jess and Mike’s wedding at Linden Estate in Hawke’s Bay was a laid back affair that perfectly suited their relaxed style and unique personalities. The couple brought as much individuality as they could to the day, from Mike making the wedding rings, to using their own words to tell their love story during the ceremony. “Nichola very quickly grasped who we were and what our story was. She told our s such a cool way and really helped us write meaningful vows that sounded like us, not like everyone else.”

Krystal + SiMON

“Our guests warmed our rings while we said our vows.”

Krystal and Simon had a picture-perfect fairytale wedding. They were married underneath a walnut tree at the spectacular Mana Lodge in Hawke’s Bay. Like most brides, Krystal wanted the day to be perfect and filled with warmth and love. “Nichola told our story in a beautiful way that many of our guests commented on. She passed our rings to the front row and asked for everyone to hold them for a moment, making a wish for the married couple before passing them on.” Involving the guests like this made everyone feel included and added a personal, intimate touch to the day.


Sarah + Tristan

“Now they’re married, let’s make some noise!”

When Sarah and Tristan’s venue said, “No confetti”, the couple didn’t see it as a disaster, it became a cool opportunity. They were to be married at iconic venue, Church Road in Napier. Sarah really wanted confetti at the ceremony – who wouldn’t with the great photo possibilities? When this wasn’t allowed, we came up with another solution. “Nichola had the idea to give our guests musical instruments. When they arrived, they found tambourines, castanets, maracas and kazoos on their seats. Nichola instructed no noise until after the official bits! We walked down the aisle to the fabulous sound of all our family and friends playing their instruments – it was perfect!”